Retro flight review: Carlos Condit vs. Nick Diaz at UFC 143


Few things infuriate MMA fans more than a poorly scored fight, although the term “theft” tends to be recklessly tossed about and is often permeated with bias. With Robbery Review, we’ll take a look back at the controversial fights and determine whether the judges were rightly criticized for their decision, or whether the pundits need to examine their own gut reactions.

You knew this one was coming.

It started with a growl. UFC welterweight star Nick Diaz, dormant for ages, suddenly sent the feelers on for a 2021 comeback. Although he hasn’t fought since January 2015, the presence of older brother Diaz has always persisted in the atmosphere of MMA and now the prayers of so many of Diaz’s followers had finally been answered: big brother Nick was back.

Immediately I thought of his memorable UFC interim title fight against Carlos Condit at UFC 143 on February 4, 2012 in Las Vegas. It was a fight that had troubled me for centuries, a fight that by the time I – and many others – was certain Diaz had won. But the scorecards went in Condit’s favor and this verdict was a major lesson for me in how the effectiveness of the octagon’s hitting, blocking and control was rated. I thought I saw a flight, but soon realized that I didn’t understand the details of this fight.

Fast forward to now, with Condit set to fight Court McGee on Saturday at UFC Fight Island 4, and I find myself with the perfect opportunity to finally see this controversial contest again. Condit himself even recently mentioned that he ended the controversy with a future rematch.


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