Regal Cinemas closes movie theaters across the US, including 9 in Illinois


CHICAGO (WLS) – Regal Cinemas is suspending all U.S. operations later this week, affecting nine locations in Illinois. Regal is the nation’s second-largest movie theater chain. It is temporarily closing all of its 536 sites due to the pandemic, just months after they reopened.The company said it plans to shut down its US sites on Thursday and hundreds more will close in the UK. This means thousands of people will lose their jobs. Nine Regal Theaters in Illinois will be affected:

Regal Bolingbrook,
Regal City North 4DX et IMAX à Chicago
Royal Lake Zurich
Regal Moline,

Regal Webster Place à Chicago,
Regal Cantera & RPX à Warrenville
Exposition de Regal Crystal Lake,
Regal Lincolnshire et IMAX
Regal Round Lake Beach

“There was no growth because there were no new films,” said Chris Johnson, CEO of Classic Cinemas. “As much as I’d like people to watch ‘Goonies’ and ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ for the 100th time, it’s just a challenge. ”

Classic Cinemas, based in Downer’s Grove, reopened its 11 theaters in Illinois and Wisconsin for just a few weeks before it became apparent that it was costing them more to be open than closed. The problem for Johnson, Regal and all the other theater operators is the New York market, which remains closed.

The loss prompted film companies to postpone major releases, such as the latest James Bond film, “No Time to Die”.

“I had just sent a note saying that actually Friday we’re going to open on November 13th because there were a few movies on the 13th and Bond was going to be on the 20th and then five minutes later I had the ad on Bond and I were just devastated, ”Johnson said.

Regal and the Cineworld Corporation are the second largest theater operator in the world and across the country.

The big movie chains have screened independent films and older films to try to keep their doors open.

Some Hollywood studios have even experimented with the online release, so people can watch at home, instead of going straight to the movies.

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