Reason why WWE broke up on the new day


Many young WWE fans were heartbroken during the last episode of Friday Night SmackDown. During the episode project, the famous Tag Team The New Day was split up!Just as Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston made the long-awaited comeback and won their title, and it looked like the new SmackDown Tag Team Champions were ready for a reunion, they met their bitter end.

While Big E was written on SmackDown, Kofi and Woods were written on Raw. It would mean their team was split indefinitely. The shocked looks on their faces were priceless.

However, there was a deep-rooted reason why WWE split this crowd-favorite tag team.

Big E, the powerhouse of New Day, was held back by his relationship with the team. For those who remember, Big E was a beast in the days of NXT. His name was heard in fear, and everyone knew things were bad when he stepped into the ring.

Now we just can’t take it seriously when it comes under the New Day. The very likable gimmick never quite adapted the character of a member of the New Day, although it did well.

Big E Langston: photos | WWE

WWE plans to make Big E a huge push and maybe a title run

WWE wants to give him a big boost, which is why he was given solo racing space. Big E has been fortunate enough to go solo since New Day lost the tag team titles. It has proven itself over and over again.

Big E on His Way to Become an Unstoppable Force in WWE, Here's Why - Basically

This is the main reason why WWE wants to give him a try solo. Big E is much more suited for the role of an antihero or a heel rather than a babyface. Giving him a solo run is something of late for his character.

We can also expect Kofi and Xavier Woods to continue as New Day on Raw. That would be very likely as the two may not have solo paths mapped out for them.

New Day Divided in Shocking WWE Draft Development | WWE

It could also be the beginning of the unification of the Tag Team title. WWE may intend to merge the Raw and SmackDown Tag Team Championships for the Men’s Division. It would create a much better division for the Tag team as a whole.

We’re about to see the best of Big E. The Monster has the backing of fans and Vince McMahon himself. There really is nothing more to ask.


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