‘Real concerns’ about rising coronavirus levels in New York: De Blasio


NEW YORK CITY – A set of indicators tracing the path of the coronavirus through New York has taken a troubling turn, said Mayor Bill de Blasio.

De Blasio said on Thursday that recent increases in some daily COVID-19 numbers raised “real concerns.”The city’s positivity rate over a seven-day average reached 1.92%, he said, calling it a “significant jump” for a measure that has hovered near 1.5% for weeks.

“That alone is not a number that would overwhelm us, but growth is what worries me,” he said.

The growth only appears to be partially linked to localized coronavirus clusters and associated testing efforts in Brooklyn and Queens, de Blasio said.

Many of these areas remain under multi-layered, color-coded state restrictions designed to slow the spread of the virus.

But health officials have also seen a slow and steady increase in coronavirus cases in many parts of the city, said Jay Varma, the city’s senior public health adviser.

They haven’t identified a specific focal point, but around 10% of new cases are travel-related and various indoor environments have also contributed, Varma said.

“So right now our advice isn’t about a specific industry or type of setting, changing their behavior, but it really needs to be statewide – wear a mask, avoid gatherings, keep a physical distance, especially when it’s colder and people are moving inside, ”he says.

The general and unspecified increase was reflected in the city’s new case count indicator. This week, he exceeded the threshold of 550 cases set by authorities as a witness.

De Blasio said Thursday there were 532 cases over an average of seven days. He also pointed to a spike in the city’s daily positivity rate, which measured 2.70%.

“It would definitely be, and it is, a worrying number,” he said. “To be honest, each day varies based on the test results and the amount. The daily report is not a perfect measure, but it is a very disturbing number – it is literally twice yesterday. But he also points out that this is somewhat aberrant. ”

Hospitalizations due to suspected coronavirus cases remain low – 81 admissions were reported on Wednesday, de Blasio said.

De Blasio reiterated a call to New Yorkers not to travel during the upcoming holidays. He also urged people to avoid gatherings and indoor parties for Halloween.

“It’s a dangerous time and we have to take it really, really seriously,” he said.


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