Rapper Logic buys Pokemon card for over $ 220,000


Ex-rapper Logic is the proud owner of a first Charizard Pokemon holographic card he bought for an incredible price of $ 220,574. This is the highest known sale of this specific Pokémon card to date. un post Twitter, the Charizard card is rated PSA 10 – the highest rating offered for collectible cards. This means the card is in mint condition.

Charizard and more from Darkness Ablaze (IGN exclusive)

The auction was managed by Iconic Auctions on October 9, 2020. The final auction came in at $ 183,812.00 before the 20% buyer’s premium was added, bringing the all-time high of 220,574. Logic is no stranger to Pokémon cards, in fact, he recently bought a $ 23,000 basic box in which he proceeded to shoot (yes, you guessed it) a holographic Charizard card, although this one is not of the ultra-rare first edition type.

In a recent Instagram post (where you can watch him open various packs from the base box), he said, “When I was a kid I absolutely loved Pokémon but I couldn’t afford the cards. I even remember trying to swap food stamps for theirs and now as an adult who saved every penny he earned, being able to enjoy something that I love from childhood now as a kid. adult man, it’s like redeeming a piece of something I never could have had, it’s not about the material about the experience. ”

Earlier this year, Logic announced that it would officially retire from rap, instead signing an exclusive deal to become a Twitch streamer.

The first edition Charizard card, however, is not the most expensive Pokémon card ever sold. That record is still held by a Japanese “Illustrator Pikachu” card which broke its own record earlier this year when it sold for over $ 233,000.For more information on Pokemon Trading Card Games, find out who won the recent Pokemon Online World Championship.
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(Photo by Dia Dipasupil / Getty Images for Universal Music Group)


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