R. Kelly’s attorneys say no guard “raised a finger” when attacked


R. Kelly’s attorneys say no guard “raised a finger” when attacked

Disgraced American rapper and singer R. Kelly was seen being attacked by an inmate in a video that recently appeared.

When the clip was released which showed the singer being beaten by another detainee, his lawyers claimed in a new court file that the guards had done little or nothing to prevent their client from being attacked.

It was reported in August by CNN that Kelly, who is being held at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago on federal sexual abuse charges, has been repeatedly beaten up by Jeremiah Farmer.

According to the record, Kelly suffered “significant physical and psychological injuries” as a result of the attack.

CNN citing a Bureau of Prison report claimed that a guard identified as “D. Szyhowski ”by officials, had ordered Farmer to stop the attack on Kelly and also pepper sprayed him.

the I believe i can fly The singer’s lawyers wrote in their file Friday that Farmer “traveled a great distance within the MCC before committing this act, without any opposition.”

“An unresolved question remains whether MCC staff encouraged and then authorized the beating of Mr. Kelly. This alone deserves a hearing of the evidence, ”he added.

The infamous singer was slapped with state charges in Illinois for aggravated criminal sexual abuse and child pornography, as well as federal charges in New York City which include sex trafficking and racketeering.


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