Quinton Byfield on Unforgettable Draft Day, adopted by LA


Much like every other aspect of the world of professional sport, and everything beyond that right now, the 2020 NHL Draft was unforgettable.Imagine all the staples of Draft Day – the stage, the lights, the handshakes and the balls – and you’ll go through the list of aspects missing from this year’s iteration. But even with the draft turned virtual, for Quinton Byfield, there was no way to remove the magic of this moment.

“It was something super special,” he said Thursday during an appearance on Tim and Sid, reflecting on when the Los Angeles Kings awarded him the second pick. “You know, even though you couldn’t go on stage and shake hands with everyone up there, it was still something really special, and you got to share that moment with your family.” So you know, I wouldn’t change it that day for the world.

“I’ve worked for this my whole life so I think it was still a great day, and probably the best day of my life so far. So, so far, everything is fine. ”

Since becoming king on October 6, the OHL star has felt the love of his future city, with California icons like Snoop Dogg and Magic Johnson reaching out to congratulate Byfield – not just for joining the franchise. of Los Angeles, but also for making waves as the highest black player in NHL history.

Needless to say, Byfield enjoyed the city’s embrace.

“These are pretty amazing,” he told Micallef and Seixeiro. “I mean, you have arguably one of the best basketball players ever who yelled at you – I’m surprised he even knows my name. So it was pretty cool, having him welcome me to LA I think just looking at those two texts and tweets, it was pretty crazy. ”

It remains to be seen when exactly the 18-year-old will make his Kings debut, with the hockey world as a whole still mired in uncertainty amid the COVID-19 pandemic. But Byfield said he looks forward to someday learning the ins and outs of longtime LA big-leagues like Anze Kopitar – who he’s often been compared to – Drew Doughty and Jonathan Quick.

“I’m super excited. These are most of the grassroots players who remain Stanley Cup winning teams, and I think it will be really good to finally meet them and start working with them, and see how well they compete and what ‘it takes to really win championships,’ he said. “I’m really happy to really choose their brains and come to LA”

Watch Quinton Byfield’s full interview on Tim & Sid via the video at the top of this article.


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