Quarter of Albertans say they can’t pay all of their bills: survey


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Four in 10 Albertans say they are $ 200 or less to be insolvent at the end of the month. Almost half of Albertans (46%) say they are concerned about their current level of debt. That number is down slightly from June, when it hit a three-year high of 48%.

Just over half of Albertans (51%) say they regret the amount of debt they have incurred. That number is up six percentage points since June.

Landry said there are solutions for people who feel overwhelmed when it comes to debt. Budgeting, refinancing, debt consolidation, and credit counseling can all help and can help people avoid bankruptcy, which can also be an appropriate option in some situations.

The MNP consumer debt index is produced by Ipsos and updated quarterly. The survey sampled 2,001 Canadians aged 18 and over and is accurate to within plus or minus 2.5 percentage points 19 times out of 20.

Another PwC Canada survey of 1,000 buyers found that Canadians will spend, on average, almost $ 500 less this Christmas than they did last Christmas.

He found that 86% will spend the same or less this year over Christmas, and 57% say the pandemic has had a negative or slightly negative effect on how much they plan to spend.

The survey also looked at shopping habits and unsurprisingly found that more people plan to use online shopping and curbside pickup. Of those who said they planned to do three-quarters of their purchases in-store, 60% were aged 55 or older.


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