Province plans to take additional COVID-19 action for Edmonton after number of active cases jumps to 894


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Alberta’s leading doctor said the province was considering taking further action to curb the spread of COVID-19 in Edmonton after active cases in the city rose to 894 on Monday.

Dr Deena Hinshaw said the large number of cases identified over the weekend in Edmonton is cause for concern. There has been an escalation of cases in the city and the virus reproduction rate has risen to 1.3.

“We are taking this seriously and are looking closely at what is causing this increase that we are seeing,” Hinshaw said.

“By speaking with local public health and the city, we determine if additional measures should be recommended in the city to reduce transmission.”

Although no specific measures have been halted, Hinshaw said health officials will examine the increase in the number of cases over the weekend. She stressed that the new cases seen now reflected transmission events that had occurred one to two weeks ago.

“We have to expect, whatever changes we may or may not choose to make in the coming days or weeks, we are likely to see a high number of cases in the next one to two weeks, which is the product of ‘a past transmission.

“We are looking at these patterns of transmission to help us understand what would be most effective and if there are any other changes we need to make to our framework to prevent Edmonton from continuing to have an increasing number of new cases.

An “alarming trend” that has been identified through a review of active cases is that 11 percent of people attend work or go to social gatherings while awaiting symptomatic test results, Hinshaw said.

“It’s a significant risk and it’s one of the factors that are driving the number of our cases,” Hinshaw said.

Hinshaw urges Albertans to stay home if they are sick, especially this Thanksgiving weekend.

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