Protesting COVID-19 is ‘just nonsense’ – Windsor-Essex’s best doc


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“They think, ‘I know more than them – but I’ve never been to any college or school. I read something on Facebook or heard someone say it, ”Ahmed said. “It’s just nonsense.”

Ahmed said he was troubled by the spread of disinformation and lamented the “confusion and chaos” that leads many to ignore the COVID-19 guidelines.

“Failure to comply with these measures results in what we are currently seeing in the United States, what we are currently seeing in other parts of the country,” Ahmed said.

“I really worry about these people. They are doing the whole community a disservice.

Expressing his exasperation with the anti-mask protesters was not Ahmed’s purpose of speaking to the media on Friday, however.

In an update on the COVID-19 situation in the region, Ahmed noted that – unlike parts of the province like Toronto, Peel Region and Ottawa – Windsor-Essex is doing well on most parameters.

For example, a new chart from the health unit shows that the percentage of local COVID-19 cases resulting from community transmission has not increased. Indeed, the figure has dropped this month: As of October 22, the proportion of new cases in Windsor-Essex that have been acquired in the community is 25%, an average of seven days.

A graphic presented by the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit in an update on the COVID-19 situation in the region on October 23, 2020. Photo by Windsor-Essex County Health Unit /Windsor Star

“It’s not bad compared to some of the other areas, and what it could be,” Ahmed said.

Local hospitalizations resulting from COVID-19, according to a 14-day moving average, have remained single digits since early September – a trend the health unit considers “low and stable.”


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