Prince William will not follow in Prince Charles’ footsteps when his father becomes king | Royal | News


Royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams has said Prince William will approach the title of Prince of Wales differently from his father, Prince Charles. In an interview with, Mr Fitzwilliams said William will highlight key areas close to his heart during his role, but added that he is unlikely to become an activist for some causes, like his father.

Mr Fitzwilliams said: “When Prince Charles takes the throne, Prince William becomes the Prince of Wales.“This takes him one step closer to being a monarch.

“This is all a gradual process and it is so unpredictable that Prince Charles is the longest Princes of Wales in our history.

“There is also a question that Charles is a Prince of Wales activist.

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“I strongly suspect that William will champion certain causes.

“But the indication is that he could share his father’s enthusiasm for certain issues, such as the ivory trade for example.

“Prince William is unlikely to have the activist element Charles has shown for so long.”

Mr Fitzwilliams also noted an issue Prince Charles will face when he becomes king that his son is unlikely to have to deal with.

He said: “Members of the royal family have some three thousand patronages and institutions to which they are attached.

“They do something like three thousand five hundred engagements every year.

“It is very valuable for an institution or a charity to have a member of the royal family to have a patron.

“This is because it attracts funds or contributes to it, it could mean that the charity can use the palace as a venue, it also means that if they attend an event you can charge more. “


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