Prince Philip and Kate Middleton: The Duke of Edinburgh is “enchanted” by the Duchess of Cambridge


Kate Middleton married into the British royal family, while Prince Philip was born royal. A member of the Greek royal family, he is also the Queen’s cousin as a descendant of Queen Victoria.

However, the couple seem to get along well. They have been seen chatting and laughing at royal events such as Trooping the Color.Although different in age and background, it seems they have an affinity.

The two represent a different era in the royal family.

Prince Philip, a veteran who served in World War I, may not have seemed to have much in common with Kate, who was born into a middle-class family from a flight attendant and of a businessman.

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Judi continued, “Kate had to pull off the reunion with the prince to prove that she was a loyal and trouble-free royal bride. ”

There is a shared humor between the two, much like Kate’s relationship with Harry.

Judi said: “There seems to be a natural closeness between the two and Philip seems to have put himself in Harry’s shoes by being the royal who can make Kate laugh at more formal events. ”

But that doesn’t mean it’s an opportunity for Kate to let her hair down.

The expert added, “Kate’s body language suggests that she’s on her best demeanor with Philip, as she does with the Queen, but this appearance of respect makes their body language rituals look very real. ”

In recent times, Kate has embarked on more solo tours without her husband Prince William.

Kate Middleton visited Derby University this week to learn more about student mental health.

Judi analyzed the trip, telling that the Duchess has demonstrated that she has “the power and influence to help create change”.

Judi said: “Dressed in smart casual clothes, chic but not fussy, Kate entered college like a woman on a mission, bursting with confidence with her bagless hands hanging by her side.

“Her arrival reflected her tone of concern for the mental health of the students there and throughout her visit that general tone seemed curious, encouraging and uplifting.

For the visit, Kate Middleton wore a £ 249 coat and a necklace with a message to her children.


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