PRAYER: Leaders, Pope, alongside France after the attack on the church


The French president calls for unity after a terrorist attack in a church in Nice.

According to the BBC, three people were killed during the first mass of the day at Notre-Dame Basilica in Nice, France. They say a woman in her 60s was virtually beheaded “inside the basilica and a man in his 40s or 50s had his throat cut.” According to them, a third victim, a woman in her thirties or forties, was stabbed several times, fled to a nearby neighborhood. coffee, but then died.

written statement.

President Macron said the country is stepping up law enforcement.

“Catholics, You have the support of the whole Nation. Our country is our values, which everyone can believe or not believe, that every religion can be exercised. Our determination is absolute. Actions will follow to protect all of our fellow citizens ”, The President tweeters.

Macron says Operation Sentinel will drop from 3,000 to 7,000 soldiers on the streets, protecting churches and schools.

“Whatever your religion, believer or not, we must unite in these times. Do not give in to the spirit of division. “

Macron denounced the event as a terrorist act.

“In France, there is only one community, it is the national community”

Marcon says this is his nation’s third terrorist act

“I know the shock you feel, with you the whole country, and I believe it, the whole world. Let us not give in to any spirit of terror. ”

The mayor of Nice, tweets “We are at war. “

The Congress will meet to give “exceptional and temporary powers” to the head of the French army.

The Pope says he is praying.

“I am close to the Catholic community of #Pleasant, mourning the attack that sowed death in a place of prayer and consolation. I pray for the victims, for their families and for the beloved French people, so that they respond to evil with good ”, Pope Francis tweets.

The Episcopal Conference of France shares a prayer of hope.


We entrust our country to you because it has just experienced a new dramatic event through the assassination of several people in the Notre-Dame basilica in Nice.

Your Son, on the Cross, cried out the despair of our humanity. Hear our cry. He also leads us in his resurrection. May he root us in genuine hope.

We pray for the deceased and their families. We entrust their pain to you.

We pray for the Christian community and all the inhabitants of the city of Nice. Give above all to Catholics to be comforted and renewed in their evangelical witness.

On the eve of All Saints’ Day, may the Holy Spirit make us, more than ever, builders of peace, in justice and truth. ”

Through the intercession of Our Lady, we pray to you. “


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