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    Un hangar d'approvisionnement en oxygène a pris feu et a explosé dans un hôpital pour patients Covid-19 dans la ville russe de Tcheliabinsk.  Le moment de la puissante explosion a été capturé dans plusieurs vidéos.

</p><div><p>L'incident s'est produit vendredi dans la ville du sud de l'Oural, lorsqu'un hangar abritant une grande cartouche d'oxygène a pris feu dans un hôpital local.  Quelque 170 patients, dont 150 personnes atteintes d'un coronavirus confirmé, se trouvaient à l'hôpital au moment de l'explosion.  Tous les patients ont été évacués en toute sécurité.

Footage from the scene shows firefighters attempting to extinguish the burning hangar outside the hospital building. Realizing that the oxygen canister was about to explode, first responders fled moments before the tank exploded.

The explosion wiped out the hangar, as well as shattered windows in neighboring buildings.

Two floors of the hospital itself, as well as several apartments in a nearby residential building, caught fire as a result of the explosion. Residents were evacuated by emergency services and the flames were quickly extinguished.

About 20 fire engines and 76 staff were involved in fighting the flames, local emergency services said. According to preliminary data, no one was injured or killed by the explosion.

While Russian media have suggested that at least two coronavirus patients in hospital have died due to lack of oxygen after the explosion, local authorities have strongly denied the reports. An early assessment of the incident suggested that the leak and subsequent fire was caused by improper installation and mishandling of the oxygen tank, Chelyabinsk emergency services said.

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