Power Rangers: New Movies and TV Series in the Works with I Disagree With This Co-Creator


Netflix I’m Not Okay With This co-creator Jonathan Entwistle has been hired to lead a new connected universe of Power Rangers movies and TV adaptations, and production company eOne was bought by Hasbro last year. and she is increasingly involved in the development of Hasbro properties. Entwistle and eOne will direct new Power Ranger movies and a connected TV series, according to a report by The Hollywood Reporter. Before this new deal, a Power Rangers movie was in the works by Entwistle but it was with Paramount Pictures. Entwistle is still involved, but he will be working on the future of the Power Rangers with eOne now. You can check out the new logo below.“Jonathan has an incredible creative vision for this iconic and hugely successful franchise, and is hands down the right architect to join us as we reimagine the television and film worlds of this property,” said Nick Meyer, president of eOne, and Michael Lombardo, chairman of eOne Global Television said in a joint statement to THR. “Across our roster, we look forward to working with the most talented storytellers as we take on the wealthy Hasbro fan-favorite brands and build worlds of entertainment around them.

Entwistle called this new Power Rangers project an incredible opportunity to deliver the property to new and existing generations of fans. As for what it all looks like, all that’s known for now is that it’s going to be a whole new universe of connected Power Ranger stories across TV shows and movies.When the movie finally hits theaters, it will be the first feature since Power Rangers produced by Lionsgate 2017. We thought this movie was good and you can read why in our Power Rangers review where we gave it a 7 rating. of 10. Be sure to check out this unofficial concept art from Green Ranger that shows what Tommy Oliver might have looked like if the 2017 movie got a sequel. If you’re looking for Power Rangers content to watch right now, check out our list of the 25 Best Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Episodes.
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