Postman worries about lack of use of masks at Barrhaven sorting facility


OTTAWA – The use of masks is mandatory in all indoor public places in Ottawa; but some buildings considered as private are not subject to the same rules. Canada Post letter carrier Nancy Chenier expresses concern that some of her colleagues are not wearing masks at a Canada Post sorting facility in Barrhaven.

“It doesn’t have to… I shouldn’t ask someone, I shouldn’t have to worry, it’s not my job to tell someone to put on their mask,” Chénier said.

Before hitting the road to make deliveries, she starts her day sorting the mail in the establishment, “Social distancing is almost impossible in these little stations. ”

Chenier said on Sunday that one of his colleagues tested positive for COVID-19 after catching the virus outside of work.

Canada Post spokesperson Jon Hamilton told CTV News Ottawa it was “the first case we have had in Ottawa since we started operating with COVID in March of this year.”

Although the wearing of masks in indoor public places is mandatory, their use in some private companies is not mandatory. Hamilton says Canada Post respects the statutes and regulations.

“What we made a commitment to the employees from the start is that we would follow the advice of public health officials nationally, locally; to make sure we do everything we can to keep them safe. ”

Hamilton says there are approximately 1,500 Canada Post employees working in Ottawa, not including the head office, and that they have taken steps to ensure the safety of employees and customers across the country.

“We put physical distance into every facet of our operation; whether in our depots, we have organized when people come in and out of the building so that we don’t have all the staff, you can number of people – we have marks on the floors and we have changed the way which we are dealing with. ”

Since the confirmed case of COVID-19 was reported to the Barrhaven facility, Chenier says mask use has increased, but she fears this is only a temporary decision.

“I think that scared people; I’m afraid that when the dust settles it may just go back to what it was before if things don’t change.

She just wants to see masks mandated by health officials.

“I think the guidelines need to change for companies that are not considered public. “


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