Pope Francis appoints the first African-American cardinal


The installation ceremony for the new cardinals is scheduled for November 28, and the Vatican has not given any details on how it would conduct the consistory, an ornate ceremony in which the pope physically puts red hats on his head. new cardinals, given concerns about the coronavirus and the new restrictions announced Sunday in Italy.

Usually, the new cardinals hold public receptions for sympathizers and faithful in the Vatican palaces and its conference hall. With travel restrictions in place in many countries, it is unclear whether some of the bishops will be able to make the trip.

Nine of the 13 men appointed on Sunday, including Archbishop Gregory, are under 80 and are therefore eligible to participate in the next conclave to elect Francis’ successor. The new cardinals chosen by Francis reflect his priorities, making it more likely that the college will elect someone like him.

His list also included Celestino Aos, the Archbishop of Santiago, Chile, a push for the Catholic Church in a country where many bishops resigned in 2018 after a sexual abuse scandal.

Other new appointees include senior Vatican officials such as Marcello Semeraro, the prefect in charge of holiness; and people who closely represent the vision of Francis, such as Mauro Gambetti, Franciscan friar and guardian of the Holy Convent of Assisi, closely associated with Saint Francis. It was this saint whose name the Pope, formerly Jorge Mario Bergoglio, adopted when he assumed the papacy.


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