Pixar reconnects with beauty and stupidity


The illustration for the article titled New iSoul / itrailer shows Pixars' last metaphorical wonderland

Image: Disney / Pixar

There are few animation companies with a better rack trecord to building the fantasy world like Pixar. From the underwater world to the post-apocalyptic nightmarish future of Cars, towards more metaphysical areas, such as the mental world of Upside down or the beyond coco, the Disney subsidiary has always had the gift of creating beautiful sets entirely made in the strangest places. Now he’s adding another notch to his belt with the latest trailer for his next Disney + release Soul, giving us our first full look at “The Great Before,” the pre-life paradise music teacher Joe (Jamie Foxx) finds himself in after falling from a manhole cover in his usual life.

It is, unsurprisingly, magnificent, a wash of soft pastels and abstract shapes filled with frolicroi of futures. Not that this latest trailer, meant to highlight the film’s transition to its new Christmas streaming release, is only going for admiration; we also have a few (non-) likes of the character of 22-year-old Tina Fey, a soul who doesn’t seem keen on entering the world at all, plus a few glimpses of the characters of Alice Braga and Richard Ayoade, Jerry and , uh, Jerry.

Soul arrives on Disney + on December 25.


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