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Having not started a Premier League game for the club, what is happening to Manchester United midfielder Donny van de Beek?

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Ajax’s £ 39million signing has found playing time difficult to find this season under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, playing just 59 minutes in the Premier League with United struggling domestically.

Sky Sports’ Gary Neville questioned the use of Van de Beek in a comment after the 0-0 draw with Chelsea on Saturday, saying: “He doesn’t appear to be at the forefront of Ole Gunnar’s plans. Solskjaer in every game. It’s a bit of a mystery. ”

Dutch legend Marco van Basten also weighed in, insisting that Van de Beek shouldn’t have joined United and should play every week.

‘Donny shouldn’t have gone to Manchester United,’ said Van Basten Ziggo Sport. “When you’re a good player, you want to play every week. “It’s really bad for a player like Donny to only play six or seven games this year. It’s shocking for your pace of the game.

“I know he’s earning a lot more than before. But as a top player you have to be critical and look at the odds of playing when you sign for a new club.

“Donny should have waited for better prospects and signed for another club. ”

But in this week’s Pitch to Post Review podcast, Jasper Taylor is joined by Dharmesh Sheth and Gerard Brand to discuss the role of the Dutch international, why he may be a victim of circumstances, and we also ask to play two defensive midfielders really ‘Manchester United way’?

A casual victim?

Donny van de Beek has only played 59 minutes in the Premier League this season

Could Van de Beek’s omission be more a matter of rescuing a desperate situation than the quality of the 23-year-old? Dharmesh Sheth thinks so …

“I don’t know if it’s Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s reluctance, I just think Van de Beek has become a victim of circumstances this season,” Sheth told the Sky Sports Pitch podcast for Post Review. “The question was put to Solskjaer after the game, and he promised he would get games because of the busy schedule, but I think he will have to be patient.

Donny van de Beek minutes this season

Concurrence Minutes
premier league 59
EFL Cup 168
Champions League 2

“I think people were hoping Manchester United would pick up where they left off last season; they had excellent form when football picked up, with Bruno Fernandes and Paul Pogba playing together, and everything was going well at Old Trafford.


Dharmesh Sheth explains in Pitch to Post Review podcast why Van de Beek’s lack of playing time at United may be due to circumstances, not quality

“I just think the 6-1 loss to Tottenham, coupled with the loss to Crystal Palace on Matchday 1, and the performance against Brighton, changed things for United.

“Many thought that when Van de Beek entered there would be two players from Bruno, Pogba and Van de Beek in that position. Now, because of these results, one would think that Solskjaer decided to give more protection to the defense by choosing Scott McTominay and Fred, and therefore, instead of being two players of Bruno, Pogba and Van de Beek , it is now a. This place, given the current shape and profile, will always be occupied by Bruno Fernandes.

donny van de beek
£ 39million signing is victim of circumstance, Dharmesh Sheth told Pitch to Post podcast

“That’s why Van de Beek found limited opportunities, even more so now, due to the deployment of the two midfielders. United fans would love to see Donny van de Beek benefit from a long run in the squad, but I’ve mentioned it. for just being intrigued by the transfer itself, with United appearing to strengthen a position in which they already seemed strong.

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“It’s hard to argue with what Solskjaer has done since the 6-1 loss to Tottenham, however. They won late at Newcastle, beat PSG and kept that much needed clean sheet at home against Chelsea.

“You wonder how Van de Beek has his chance now, unless he’s injured. I’m sure Van de Beek hadn’t planned to come to United in this situation, but I really think it’s because of the circumstances – United’s results and the need for change – that he found opportunities. hard to find, rather than its capacity.

“I think before Bruno they were playing with midfielders, and since Bruno arrived they have tried to accommodate him and Pogba, which worked when football picked up at the start.

“For me, a defense is as good as the protection that the defense is given. It’s not always down to the ability of the defense, but what’s up front in midfield, the ability to protect them, and that’s what Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is. think now. ”

Defensive football… surely not the “united way”?

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer
Solskjaer apparently tries to tighten Manchester United at the back after poor defensive performances this season

So United are apparently trying to protect their defense, but is playing two defensive midfielders really ‘Manchester United way’? And does it even exist more?

“I’m going to go back to Fergie – people love to remember those days when United played attacking and fluid football,” Gerard said. Mark on the Pitch to Post Review podcast. “It wasn’t most of the time. One thing Fergie used to do, especially away from sides not even in the top six, or even at home in a top-six team, is set up and makes it a stinky games. ‘he knew would be difficult.

“He had the authority and presence to convince his players who would give them results, to convince them that although they have a better 11 than their opponents on paper, if they prepare that way, they have better chances of winning this game.

Image preview


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“It’s very romantic to say, ‘Go ahead and beat them with your quality, go for it’ but it doesn’t always work. I know we want fun football but I think this approach is necessary for Uni right now. ”

But has the varied style of managers since Sir Alex Ferguson’s departure made it difficult to form an identity at Old Trafford?

“A lot of clubs knew what Manchester United was like under Fergie,” added Sheth. “I just think since he left, and David Gill left, they’ve employed four managers who share very different philosophies. They all chose players who match the identity of the manager, not the identity of the team. ”

“So what Solskjaer has are players from the Fergie era, the Moyes era, the Van Gaal era, the Mourinho era and his own players. It can’t be easy trying to put together a squad and a philosophy when there are so many players left at different times, to try and focus on what that United way is like. ”

To learn more, download the Sky Sports Pitch to Post Review podcast on Apple | Spotify

‘United need this magic’

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Donny van de Beek of Manchester United


Marco van Basten has said Van de Beek would regret joining Manchester United, and Dutch journalist Marcel van der Kraan explains why

Dutch football expert Marcel van der Kraan on Sky Sports News:

“He’s not playing at all. I think it’s 61 minutes in all of these games and Marco van Basten says: “Why did you do it? What have you done? You should have gone to another club ”.

“It’s amazing because Manchester United have to have this magic. Robin van Persie was there, Ruud van Nistelrooy was there and Edwin van der Saar was there. All these great Dutch players went there because they could win big trophies.

“What is Van de Beek doing? He ended up sitting on the bench and the club has lost its magic due to a lack of trophies lately. “


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