Phillies and many other teams should be interested in newly available Brad Hand


To give an indication of what this offseason might look like, the Cleveland Indians brought elite Brad Hand closer to outright waivers on Thursday, according to Zack Meisel de l’Athletic.The benefit is potentially saving $ 1 million, buying out his $ 10 million club option.

It would have been a shocking move for any year other than 2020. MLB has said $ 2.8 billion to $ 3 billion has been lost in the game this year due to the impact of the pandemic. The expectation as this free agent period approaches is that some or most of the teams will sit down, squeezing their wallets from the financial losses. Every organization has had to make tough decisions and lay off employees, and the game needs fans to come back to the stands to start operating again as it did before COVID.

The Indians, a non-spending team, abandon Hand because of the cost. The decision on his $ 10million club option (or $ 1million buyout) is due Sunday and the Indians would apparently rather trade him or let another team absorb his contract rather than pay off either. ‘other.

Hand is 30 and a free agent after 2021. He’s a closer southpaw with an elite slider who led the majors in saves in 2020, going 16 for 16 with a 2.05, 29 ERA. strikeouts and four goals.

As of 2017, Hand has 103 saves, a 2.61 ERA, 1.05 WHIP and 93 more strikeouts than innings pitched.

Over the past five seasons, the lefties have hit .150 and struck out 42% of their attacks against Hand.

Yeah, duh, the Phillies should be interested. Hand immediately becomes the best or second best reliever available alongside free agent Liam Hendriks. What happens in the next few days around the league with Hand will tell us more about how the teams approach this offseason, how aggressive they will be.

The hand is on waivers. The order of waiver is the reverse ranking. The Phillies are 13th, but again, if this Indian cost-cutting move is emblematic of what mid-market teams think, Hand could go through the top of that list without a complaint.

The best-case scenario for the Indians is that a self-interested team claims Hand and a trade are being worked out for Cleveland to get a share of value. The worst-case scenario is saying goodbye to one of baseball’s best left-handed relievers for nothing but money. It’s 2020.

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