Phil Collins’ ex-wife requisitioned his mansion in Miami


Illustration from article titled Phil Collins' Ex-Wife Reportedly Requested His Miami Mansion with Armed Guards

Photo: Johnny Louis (Getty Images)

Phil Collins wasn’t thinking of Orianne Cevey when he sang about a woman with “the built-in ability to take whatever she sees”, but he might as well have been. According to Miami Dade County Court documents shared by Le Miami Herald, the rocker’s ex-wife requisitioned his $ 33 million South Florida mansion with the help of her new husband, a 31-year-old musician and a team of four armed guards. Speak Herald, Cevey and his makeshift army “changed the security codes on alarms, blocked surveillance cameras and prevented real estate agents from showing the house.”

Collins married Cevey in 1994 and the couple had two children. They divorced in 2006, but reunited a decade later. Last August, however, Cevey reportedly broke up with the guy who wrote “That’s it” on a text. Now, according to the record, she is threatening to divulge private information about Collins unless he pays “an absurd amount of money based on a verbal agreement that doesn’t exist.”

He continues, noting that Cevey and her husband, Tom Bates, “threaten, implicitly and explicitly, to prolong their illegal occupation of the property by force”.

Collins and his lawyers are seeking an injunction to “end the armed occupation and takeover” of the house. He also expressed concern about “precious and irreplaceable personal possessions”, which we can only assume include those goddamn puppets of the Video “Land Of Confusion”.

“Ms. Bates, as she is now known, is trying to shake Phil Collins for money, and as her attorney and former federal prosecutor I have zero tolerance for this type of behavior,” said Jeffrey Fisher. , Collins’ attorney, in a statement to Herald. “I will use all legal remedies to get her out of the house.”

If these legal remedies fail, John McClane stands by.


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