Petition targeting Murdoch Swamps Australian Parliament website


In the United States, Mr. Murdoch’s Fox News Channel and New York Post have been major supporters of President Trump and critics of President Obama and other Democrats. Its British newspapers are conservative pillars and one of them, the tabloid The Sun, has been a major driver of the successful campaign for Britain to leave the European Union.

But nowhere is his influence greater than in Australia, where News Corp controls about two-thirds of the daily circulation, and Mr. Murdoch also controls top news channels like Sky News Australia.

Ousted prime ministers like Mr Rudd of the center-left Australian Labor Party have said News Corp and its oversized presence were partly to blame for their downfall. And, according to critics, News Corp media has undermined efforts to fight climate change, pushed governments to adopt sweeping policies on issues like migration, and used language and imagery widely seen as racist.

The company did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Mr Murdoch has said he is skeptical of climate change, and his media has repeatedly denied accusations of racism.

A former center-right prime minister Malcolm Turnbull has also been very vocal about his clashes with Mr Murdoch, which he says helped oust him from power, in favor of a more right-wing politician .


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