Pelosi says she is unaware of Trump’s health


“We get our information like everyone else – from the media,” Pelosi said in an interview on CBS “Face the Nation.”

“But in terms of succession, it’s an ongoing process. Unfortunately, at this moment it comes to the fore. ”

Pelosi, who tested negative for Covid-19 on Friday, added that she is praying for “good health” and “speedy recovery” for Trump while hoping the episode will serve as a “signal that we really need to do better. to prevent the spread of this virus. ”

His comments come as the president remains at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for treatment after being transferred there on Friday. At a press conference on Sunday, Trump’s medics said that even though the president had at least two worrying drops in oxygen levels, they are hopeful he could be released as early as Monday.

Pelosi said on Sunday that doctors treating Trump must provide reliable information to the public.

“We have to have confidence in the judgment of the doctors treating him, that not only are they making a presentation – an opinion, when they make a presentation to the press, it has to be approved by the president,” she said. , adding: “It’s not very scientific. ”

While at Walter Reed’s house, Trump waded through the ongoing negotiations over the coronavirus stimulus, tweeting on Saturday, “OUR GREAT US WANTS AND NEEDS STIMULUS.” WORK TOGETHER AND DO IT. Thank you! ”

Asked about the president’s message, Pelosi said Democrats “want to see they agree on what we need to do to crush the virus so that we can open the economy and safely open our schools.”

Pelosi met with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin last week with the aim of reaching agreement on an additional aid package to respond to the coronavirus pandemic. This effort has stalled, although Pelosi and Mnuchin continue to negotiate.

House Democrats voted Thursday night to pass their own package, which has a slim chance of being considered in the Republican Senate.

Explaining the Democrats’ position, Pelosi said, “You can’t just say we need – we have to do something, but we’re going to let the virus get free. ”

“Now it’s even free in the White House,” she said. “Think about the situation in a poor neighborhood where the president insists that children go back to school in order to get the funding he recommends. “


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