Parents Must Keep Kids At Home To Protest BC COVID-19 School Protocols


VANCOUVER – About 800 parents across British Columbia plan to keep their children home from school on Tuesday, says the organizer of a protest aimed at the province’s handling of COVID-19 in schools. Prince George’s Tammy Loehndorf said she decided to take action after hearing parents and teachers say they were not happy with the current regulations regarding COVID-19 in schools.

“The idea of ​​a safe school plan, in theory, was one thing, but the reality didn’t add up,” Loehndorf said. “We actually have the power to take our kids out of this environment, to make a statement and to make parents feel connected to each other.”

This week, Dr. Bonnie Henry, Provincial Health Administrator, was asked about transmission in schools, saying that “the risk in schools is still quite low and it reflects what is happening in our community.

Four more schools in Surrey reported new cases on Friday: Hyland Elementary, WE Kinvig Elementary, Panorama Ridge Secondary and Enver Creek Secondary.

Loehndorf posted a call to action on Twitter and Facebook, asking parents to keep their children home after school on October 20, saying “empty seats should speak.”

Parents are calling for greater transparency from health officials in the event of transmission in schools, as well as the mandatory use of a mask and better ventilation in schools. They also want a more consistent and easily accessible distance learning model.

The event says, “Our children and teachers are not consumable nor a science experiment.

On Friday evening, Loehndorf said around 800 families were planning to participate. “Between Vernon, Kelowna, Quesnel and Prince George, we comfortably look at around 320 and the rest are in the Lower Mainland.


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