Pakistan bans TikTok, citing morality. Others cite politics.


Pakistanis Using TikTok Doubled To Over 20 Million Active Users After Covid-19 Lockdown, As Economic Hardships Over Loss Of Livelihoods And Inflation Hit The Class Hard lower middle and working class, ”said Habibullah Khan, the founder of Penumbra, a digital company. marketing agency based in Karachi. “These trends appear to have combined to create a tipping point in public opinion that has been captured by TikTok’s algorithms. “

Since May, videos critical of the government have started appearing on TikTok’s main feed, Habibullah Khan said.

The Prime Minister blamed the former rulers for Pakistan’s economic woes and pleaded with the public to endure hard times and wait for a better future. “You don’t have to panic,” Khan said during a speech.

In a TikTok video that was shared widely a few months ago, two users mocked Mr. Khan saying the time to panic has finally arrived.

Supporters of the opposition Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz political party have also started using the app to criticize the government. One of those users, Saud Butt, a supporter of ousted Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, has followed 1.2 million followers in no time.

Government officials said the real problem was the videos which they said sexualized underage girls.

“If there had been any political relevance of TikTok in Pakistan, there would have been a number of serious political commentators on the platform, influencing political discussions,” said Arslan Khalid, the Prime Minister’s contact on digital media.


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