Osbourne’s Epic Family Photo Shows Ozzy’s Spirit And Kelly’s 6 Stone Weight Loss


Ozzy Osbourne has shown he’s still full of his old wit and mischief in a new Osbournes family photo. The 71-year-old Black Sabbath frontman battles Parkinson’s disease and as he begins to show the effects of the wasting disease he still shows he can be a threat on Halloween as his family goes reunites for an epic new portrait. .

Dressed in black and wearing a matching hat, her shoulder-length hair continues to fall under her headwear.

Sitting on the edge of an opulent couch, Ozzy has wide eyes and an open mouth as he looks happy with his lot right now.

He has one hand on his walking cane, while the other hand is held by his daughter Kelly, 35, who shows off her incredible six stone weight loss as she stands next to him with the one of the famous Chihuahua of the family in his arms. .

Kelly Osbourne’s incredible weight loss and Ozzy’s infectious smile in an epic family portrait

Kelly explained how she had gained self-confidence since losing weight and now felt “fierce”

She claimed she lost weight with a vegan lifestyle and a new exercise routine, but has since revealed that she underwent a secret gastric sleeve procedure two years ago to help her get it. that lightened look.

Sharon Osbourne is the picture of calm as she sits next to Ozzy with one hand on his knee.

Kelly Osbourne with her brother Jack

The former X Factor judge changed her brand of fiery red hair to a new silver look before the coronavirus took the world under lock and key.

With the family promoting a Halloween special on the Travel Channel, in which they open their “haunted” house to cameras.

Jack completes the family portrait after recovering from a Covid-19 fight, looking relaxed in a lumberjack shirt and baseball cap.

The Osbournes open their “haunted” house

Aimee Osbourne is pursuing her desire not to be involved in any media with her family as she is the notable absentee in the photo.

Fans of the family loved what they saw though, with one comment: “What a great photo of the family !!!! ♥ ️ ”

Another added: “I really admire you all. ”

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