Only a “substantial enough” change of plan will cost Russell Williams the car


George Russell is confident he will drive for Williams in 2021 unless something quite substantial happens in the next few days.Rumors have recently emerged that Sergio Perez could take the Briton’s place in the squad for next season due to new owners, Dorilton Capital, who are reportedly seeking new sources of income.

Russell, however, was unfazed by the speculation, saying Dorilton Capital and Mercedes, who have supported the Briton throughout his career, have both told him not to worry about his place on the F1 grid.

“I have a contract, I’ll be on the grid next year, I’m pretty confident of that,” said Russell, countering Perez’s ties.

“I think something pretty substantial should happen in the coming weeks for something to change. ”

Acting team manager Simon Roberts appeared to stoke the flames last week as he refused to confirm that Russell’s contract would be honored and that he would drive for the team next season.

Responding to this, the 22-year-old said: “They [Williams] said they had no idea where these rumors were coming from. They never like to comment on contractual situations.

“Obviously after Simon’s press conference on Friday things were again probably taken a bit out of context which the team didn’t want to do. ”

Asked when Williams’ roster will be known, even though Russell and teammate Nicholas Latifi are both already signed for 2021, Russell believes an announcement is not far off.

“There is obviously a lot of speculation and I think it was fueled by other people,” he continued. hinting at his previous comments about Perez’s camp fueling the rumors.

“Everything will be fine, I would say it’s 100% clarified from a team perspective by next week at the latest,” said Russell.

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