Offering few details, the White House doctor says Trump is no longer contagious.


The onset date of Mr. Trump’s symptoms has also remained unclear. According to Dr. Conley’s assessment, Mr. Trump should have shown signs of his illness on Wednesday, September 30 for Saturday to be considered 10 days after the onset of symptoms. Most people stop being contagious on the 10th day after they start feeling sick, CDC says

“Tonight, I am pleased to report that in addition to the president meeting CDC criteria for safe termination of isolation, this morning’s Covid PCR sample demonstrates, by currently recognized standards, that “It is no longer considered a risk of transmission to others,” Dr. Conley wrote. “Now, on the 10th day after symptom onset, fever-free for more than 24 hours and all symptoms have improved, the assortment of advanced diagnostic tests obtained reveals that there is no longer any evidence of replication. active virus. In addition, sequential testing throughout his illness demonstrated a decrease in viral load that correlates with increased cycle threshold times, as well as a decrease in now undetectable subgenomic mRNA.

Several experts expressed skepticism about the wording describing Mr Trump’s diagnostic tests, which did not explicitly categorize the president as “negative” for the coronavirus. PCR, a lab technique that detects the genetic material of the virus, can give researchers a rough idea of ​​how much virus is left in a person’s body or the viral load. Dr Conley’s note suggested Mr Trump’s viral load was dropping, but still seemed detectable.

The subgenomic mRNA mentioned by Dr Conley is part of the virus that can be detected by laboratory techniques, suggesting the presence of an actively replicating virus, said Susan Butler-Wu, clinical microbiologist at the University of Southern California. But “there is no licensed test that examines the subgenomic mRNA” of the coronavirus, she added, meaning the procedure is “experimental at this stage.”

Another, more traditional approach to determining whether Mr. Trump still harbored an actively replicating virus in his body could be to take a sample from the president’s airways and see if the coronavirus could be grown from the sample in. a laboratory. But this technique was not mentioned in Dr. Conley’s memo.


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