Obama offers ‘personal testimony’ to Biden at first joint campaign event


The Flint, Mich. Event was the first of two events the former president will headline with Biden on Saturday, with another event later taking place in Detroit. Both events, the first time the duo has taken the stage with either on a presidential ticket since 2012, are set in predominantly black towns that will be critical to Biden’s success in Michigan on Tuesday.

“Joe Biden is my brother. I love Joe Biden. And he’ll be a great president, “Obama said, noting that although he didn’t know Biden well when he picked him to be his running mate, he quickly learned that Biden treated everyone with” dignity and respect. ”

“This sense of decency and empathy, the belief in hard work, family and faith, the belief that everyone matters is who Joe is and who he will be as president,” Obama said, adding that Biden “made me a better president.” ”

“He has the character and the experience to make us a better country,” Obama said. “And he and Kamala are going to fight, not for themselves, but for each of us. And we certainly can’t say that about the president we have right now. “

Obama noted that his speech took place during the Michigan-Michigan State football game, a heated rivalry where the Paul Bunyan Trophy was “on the line.”“But this Tuesday, everything is at stake,” Obama said, highlighting the future of the economy, health care and the pandemic.

An Obama aide said earlier that the former president would give Biden “personal testimony to voters across the country about Joe Biden’s ability to pull us out of this pandemic … and rebuild America even better.”

The former president also planned to use the speech to tout declining Democrats, like Michigan Senator Gary Peters, who is locked in a tight race against Republican John James.

Obama has been one of Biden’s most powerful advocates on the election track, using a series of events this month to confide in President Donald Trump he was ill-prepared and indifferent to the presidency. Obama has also regularly touted Biden as the right man for the presidency at this time of crisis, when the coronavirus continues to spread and the economy is shaken.

Obama’s most pointed criticisms of Trump have focused on the coronavirus and this is expected to continue in Michigan on Saturday, where cases are on the rise.

“What is his final point? That people are too focused on Covid. He said so at one of his gatherings. Covid, Covid, Covid, he’s complaining, ”Obama said in Florida this week. “He is jealous of the media coverage of Covid. If he had focused on Covid from the start, cases would not reach new records across the country this week. ”

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