NZ 2020 Election: Jacinda Ardern and Judith Collins make last ditch effort to persuade voters | World news


New Zealand’s political leaders held a frenzied final day on the election campaign ahead of Saturday’s vote, with Labor Party leader and Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern taking a tour of shopping malls in the largest city, Auckland, where she was welcomed. by hundreds of fans clamoring for selfies.It was a quieter day for Judith Collins, the leader of the center-right opposition National Party, who opted for a handful of events with party volunteers and reporters as she last attempted to pierce Ardern’s track record. A latest poll on Thursday showed Collins’ party languishing around 15 points behind the Labor Party.

At the South City Mall in Manurewa, Polynesian hip-hop erupted from oversized speakers, prompting a phalanx of Labor supporters to greet Ardern with an impromptu dance.

Henry Cooke

the jacinda ardern van snack – hosted by the dry press andrew campbell who admits “i have become gary”

October 15, 2020

Ardern’s partner Clarke Gayford joined her on the last day of the campaign, but he was thrown to the edge of the crowd as Ardern was overwhelmed by fans, pulling her into their arms and shouting words of thanks for his efforts to contain Covid-19. .

Benjamin Ioata, 18, said Ardern was a good prime minister who “did his job well”.


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