NYC COVID: Positivity rate low in schools, but coronavirus testing issues persist


NEW YORK CITY (WABC) – As New York City scrambles to crack down on clusters, the numbers are encouraging for schools, with the positivity rate only 0.2%, but there are concerns about the number of tested.New York City Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza said only 72,000 parents have signed consent forms as the school system is working to implement a testing program.RELATEDCOVID-19 tests begin at schools in New York’s yellow zone

Only 20% of students are currently allowed to get tested.

They continue to push for parental consent, making it clear that any student they don’t have permission to test should switch to distance learning.

The state has mandated schools in the yellow zones every week, but Mayor Bill de Blasio has said infection rates are stabilizing, so he is hopeful that the boundaries of many communities can soon be lifted.

“There is a chance that we will get out of these restrictions as early as the end of next week,” said de Blasio. ” It’s my aim. And based on the numbers I’ve seen, we’re still in a striking range. ”

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In Staten Island, Assembly Member Mike Reilly, who represents the south shore of Staten Island, was told by several parents that their children had received a COVID-19 test, without the required parental consent.

Earlier this afternoon, I shared preliminary information regarding several incidents in which New York public school students were tested for # COVID-19 by the New York Department of Education when they did not have the consent of the student’s parent or guardian, ”Reilly said on Facebook Post. “I know the Office of the Special Commissioner for Investigations is looking into the matter, but that doesn’t mean we can’t demand greater accountability in the future. In my letter to the Chancellor of the Ministry of Education, Richard Carranza, I ask parents to receive a better explanation of what happened in these particular cases, as well as a better understanding of the exact procedure followed by the clinical staff. of the Ministry of Education to select and address students. I know many of you are frustrated and worried about this and so many other issues affecting the New York public school system this year. As parents of two public school students, my wife and I are in the same boat as many of you. Chancellor Carranza is also related. I hope after he reads this letter he will start to see these issues through the prism of a parent in a public school – until then nothing will improve. ”

Churches in hot zones have also denied their call once again as restrictions continue.

The judge made it clear in his ruling that he believed the state-imposed restrictions were “guided by science, not a desire to target religious practice.”

The Diocese of Brooklyn was seeking a temporary restraining order to stop Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s executive order that limits religious gatherings to just ten people in the Red Zone and 25 in the Orange Zone.

The executive order began earlier this month and currently lasts until early November as they try to contain the peak in coronavirus cases here.

And now the diocese says they will be looking at their appeal options.

They say that with the restrictions still in place, they have decided to keep the churches closed in the red zone because the rules are difficult to enforce.

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