NXT Halloween Havoc Winners, Grades, Video Highlights


NXT Halloween Havoc kicked off with elaborate entries for Damian Priest and Johhny Gargano, featuring a live guitarist and a giant inflatable pumpkin. Shotzi Blackheart was the host and she spun the wheel that said it would be a Devil’s Playground match meaning no DQs and drops count anywhere.

Damian Priest (c) vs. Johnny Gargano – Devil’s Playground game for the NXT North American Championship at Halloween Havoc

Gargano tore a hole in the giant pumpkin upon entering. The match began and Priest was in control from the start before Gargano grabbed a kendo stick. During a hiatus, Priest had Gargano entangled in the deflated pumpkin as he beat him at NXT Halloween Havoc.

Gargano picked up the broken arrow on the announcements desk before the game ended and Gargano beat Priest with a trash can and then an equipment cart. Back after another break, they were on the makeshift stage and Gargano used a trash can to attack Priest.

The priest went to get the finisher but a masked figure came out with a steel pipe and pulled him out. Gargano took a concrete headstone from the character and smashed Priest in the head with it. Priest fell below and Gargano crawled there to pin him down and claim the victory at NXT Halloween Havoc.

Result: Johnny Gargano beats. Damian Priest Becomes New North American NXT Champion

Match Rating: B

Cameron Grimes was backstage at NXT and William Regal took him to the parking lot before Pat McAfee was with the NXT Tag Champs.

McAfee made a rant on The Undisputed Era and tried to explain his actions before Kyle O’Reilly came out and Pete Dunne returned with two steel chairs in his hand.

O’Reilly was attacked by Dunne and McAfee joined with Oney and Burch in getting him out. Dunne joined McAfee’s team and helped them put O’Reilly on a chair with DDT at NXT Halloween Havoc.

Posted on Oct 29, 2020, 7:58 AM IST


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