Nottinghamshire MP ‘expects’ level 3 restrictions to be enforced countywide


A MP has said he expects all of Nottinghamshire to be subject to level 3 restrictions as cases continue to rise in the north of the county.Lee Anderson, Conservative MP for Ashfield, had discussions with senior government officials and other MPs to discuss the current state of Covid-19 restrictions in Nottinghamshire.

It precedes close talks between council leaders and ministers on Wednesday morning (October 28) which could see all districts, boroughs and the city move to “very high alert” measures.

Plans were initially in place to move only the Town, Broxtowe, Gedling and Rushcliffe to Level 3, with the move to take effect one minute after midnight tomorrow, October 29.

The councils even released full details of the proposals on Tuesday night, but the government told them just 20 minutes later that the plans had changed.

The leaders of the North Nottinghamshire councils and the southern county authorities were summoned this morning to discuss a county-wide approach.

This follows a continued rise in Covid-19 rates in northern county, with Mansfield’s rate per 100,000 population now standing at 346.7 and Ashfield’s at 320.5.

Data, accurate for the seven days to October 24, also shows an outbreak of Bassetlaw with a rate of 311.6 cases per 100,000 population.

And speaking following the plans, the Ashfield MP said it is “difficult to argue against” the current data.

He said: “I was on the phone last night and this morning with senior government officials and other MPs.

“I’ll be totally honest with you in that I expect the whole of Notts to be put in Tier 3, it’s something I strongly object to but the latest numbers are hard to dispute.

“Our prices are going up while those in the city are going down.

“Level 3 will bring challenges, but I will do my best to ensure that our region receives the support it deserves. ”

It is currently unclear whether today’s talks will delay Level 3 restriction plans in Nottingham, Broxtowe, Gedling and Rushcliffe.

Mansfield MP Ben Bradley also admitted there was a “real risk” of higher restrictions.

He said: “Unfortunately, within a week of starting discussions on Level 3 restrictions at Notts, depending on the city and surrounding area, there was a big spike in North Notts.

“Mansfield’s cases have increased by over 50% during that time to a rate of 346, which is about the same as Broxtowe’s and 207 a week ago.

“Please be careful, play by the rules and do our best to try to get this under control.

“Although we were excluded from Level 3 in these early talks, there is still a real risk that if the numbers continue like this, we end up in these higher restrictions. “


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