Northern leaders could launch legal challenge against government for “unacceptable” financial package


Andy Burnham, the mayor of Greater Manchester, is currently speaking at an instant press conference hosted by northern leaders on the government’s plans to close reception facilities in the north of England next week.Mr Burnham began by pointing out that all of the leaders on the call will prioritize the health of their residents and that they certainly “understand” why the government wants to “simplify, clarify and possibly tighten” the restrictions.

However, he said they “cannot accept” the financial support package offered by the Chancellor yesterday, which he said “will deliver our residents into trouble and our businesses to potential failure or collapse, and we are not ready to do it ”.

The current proposals will pay two-thirds of the wages of workers in companies forced to close, and for people who work in a bar or pub-related kitchen often at minimum wage, that is not enough, he said.

“These people cannot choose to pay only two-thirds of their rent bills,” Mr. Burnham added.

He then wondered why the national holiday was set at 80% while the local holiday was set at only 67%. This suggests that hospitality workers are second-class citizens, he said.

As such, the Northern Leaders’ Group will write to MPs who represent parts of the north of England, asking them to back their message and ‘support their constituents’.


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