North Carolina voters wary of Trump, Tillis, poll finds GOP at risk


Vasiliki Kalkani, 52, of Asheville, NC, voted for the Green Party’s Jill Stein for president in 2016, but now backs Mr Biden because she said it was “essential” to remove M Trump from office. Ms Kalkani, a small business owner, said she didn’t care about Mr Cunningham’s text messages.

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“Who doesn’t have sex scandals?” she says. “Are they taking care of the country?”

In 2016, Mr. Trump won North Carolina by 3.7 percentage points over Hillary Clinton, while Senator Richard Burr, a Republican, was re-elected by nearly six points.

Mr Biden’s position in North Carolina is in line with tracks he has built in other battlefield states. The former vice president has significant advantages among women and commuters, and he is much more trusted to deal with the public health crisis caused by the coronavirus.

On the question of which candidate would handle the virus best, Times / Siena College polls last week found Mr Biden to have a 10-point advantage among likely Nevada voters and a seven-point lead in the country. Ohio.

The North Carolina poll, like those recently conducted in other states, showed that a majority of likely voters do not trust Mr. Trump to be honest about his own experience with the virus, the poll found. .

Judith Diss, 80, of Locust, North Carolina, said Mr Trump had been the victim of unfair media coverage and said she appreciated the fact that he had been outspoken in his aversion to wearing masks.

“I’m not going to put on my mask every time I walk out of my apartment door and walk these streets in America where I live, which mostly belong to God anyway,” Ms. Diss said, A registered Democrat who supports Mr. Trump’s re-election and has emphasized that she believes masks are important in certain situations.


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