No, NY does not put NJ on the coronavirus quarantine list


“New York is doing so much better than other states,” Cuomo said Tuesday, adding, “The standard in the country is increasing. We are not increasing as the standard in the country is increasing.

Yet hospitalizations in New York City have steadily exceeded 900 in October, the highest level since late June, and many areas of the state are seeing the rate of positive tests for infections jump above 1%. , a benchmark that the governor cited as manageable. level for a national pandemic that is still raging

New York State officials monitor state airports to ensure compliance, and the New York City mayor has established checkpoints at bridges, tunnels, and bus and train stations in an effort to inform travelers of the rules.

But state governments have recognized that they cannot track all travelers, and many travelers have openly bent the rules.

Fines and enforcement vary from state to state. In New York City, those who violate the quarantine order face fines of up to $ 10,000, and Connecticut has imposed smaller fines on individuals. But New Jersey called the notice “voluntary,” and Gov. Phil Murphy has resisted calls for fines for violators.

Some living along the New York border agreed with the governor’s claim that law enforcement was impossible, but saw the value in at least sounding the alarm bells.

Richard C. David, the Republican mayor of Binghamton, New York, said parts of his city are only miles from Pennsylvania and its people are constantly moving between states.

“A big part of this is just making sure people are aware of what’s going on outside,” David said of the increased positivity rates in some areas. “You should know what you’re getting yourself into.”


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