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Nicole continued her winning streak in Big Brother 22 with a veto from BB Comics. But after playing this identical competition three times now, I expect nothing less.

So that wins means she has all the power this week. But not so fast. Cody lets us know that the time for doing whatever HOH wants is (FINALLY) over. How convenient that he decides this now after pushing the opposite agenda all season. Cody has a final 2 with Memphis, and not Christmas. So Cody has been going back and forth above his target no matter what Nicole wants. She wants Memphis out, but Cody isn’t sure it’s better for her game. So maybe Nicole doesn’t have all the power. She’s been playing Cody’s game all season, and now she might come back and bite her.

At the start of Wednesday’s episode, we join Final 5 right after Nicole names Christmas and Memphis for eviction. Nicole lets us know that she named them because they are a strong duo and need to be separated. She also lets us know that Memphis is her target.

Noel also knows the case. So she’s pretty happy for someone who’s just been nominated. Nicole reassures her that Memphis is the target. And Memphis feels pretty confident because he thinks his two versions of the Wise Guy alliance are solid. But Enzo let Cody know everything.

Meanwhile, Cody and Enzo don’t care that neither of them have been nominated this season. And they both let us know that Memphis shouldn’t feel as confident as he does.

Christmas doesn’t feel good enough with just his security, however. She also wants Memphis safe. So she checks with Enzo to see if he would use the veto if he wins. Christmas says if he uses the veto then Nicole is forced to put Cody in place and they can vote Cody.

Enzo lets us know that he is going to fight for the veto, but he is not going to use it and put his No.1 in danger. And now Christmas is starting to look more like the best target because Memphis hasn’t told anyone he wants Cody to be hijacked this week.

It’s time to veto! And it’s the return of BB Comics. And nothing has changed in this competition. They still have to zipline and find the right comics in the shortest time possible. And for the record, this is the third time that Nicole plays in this competition.

Let’s look at the schedules.

  • Memphis 31:56
  • Enzo 28:19
  • Nicole 11:21
  • Christmas 27:45
  • Cody 16:08

Nicole wins the veto power! And Christmas and Memphis are really disappointed. Christmas decides to get to work trying to get out of the neighborhood.

Christmas steps Nicole hard enough, but it is. I’m never going to work since Cody and Nicole worked together before the season even started. So let’s move on to the veto ceremony.

Nicole does not use the power of veto. Noël and Memphis stay on the block.


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