NHL Draft Goals for Kyle Dubas and Toronto Maple Leafs


The 2020 NHL Draft takes place on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. Day 1 will begin at 7:00 p.m. ET and run for three hours, while Day 2 will begin at 11:30 a.m. and run throughout the day. The Toronto Maple Leafs traded their first-round pick, but gained another to have the 15th and 44th picks in the first two rounds and nine picks from the fourth round.

First round: 15th
Second round: 44th
Fourth round: 106th, 122nd
Fifth round: 153rd
Sixth round: 168th, 177th, 180th
Seventh round: 189th, 195th, 211th

Kyle Dubas has been labeled as a ‘down trade guy’ even though he’s only done it once as the team’s GM (three times if you include twice in 2015 as as Co-Managing Director with Mark Hunter). That stereotype aside, it will probably be a good idea for the Leafs to move up from 15th pick in the draft this year.

There’s a clear top 11 in this year’s draft – Alexis Lafreniere, Quinton Byfield, Lucas Raymond, Marco Rossi, Tim Stutzle, Jamie Drysdale, Cole Perfetti, Alexander Holtz, Jack Quinn, Anton Lundell, Yaroslav Askarov, in something like this order . There’s a pretty decent drop from 12th place with the next 40 prospects all in the same lineup as each other, depending on team and personal preferences. If teams above the Leafs don’t reach and allow someone like Rossi, Lundell or Askarov to fall, it would be a smart move for the team to fall back a few boxes if a player they like can be taken later, especially if it reaches for them at 15 leaves too much value on the board.


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