NFL trade deadline: five deals we’d love to see


The trade deadline is approaching, which means NFL clubs have about two weeks to assess their rosters and the current staff situation to determine a course to take. This has been a fascinating year as we’ve seen traditionally strong teams falter, some franchises face the uncomfortable end of a window with a roster that has been playing at a high level for decades, and whatever is going to happen. move to Houston with the Texans.Was will be jobs carried out in 2020; This is especially true given the surprising competitiveness of some divisions (hello, AFC North) and the wide openness of some underperforming divisions (hello, NFC East). Teams already operate on the assumption that they can move forward with little to no practice, which further legitimizes the idea that you can plug in and play a talented player without much difficulty. The following trades are probably not among them; it’s just an exercise in what’s possible and what we’d love to see (and, really, Cam Newton is a Patriot, so never say never).


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