NFL Fantasy Football Start ‘Em, Sit’ Em Week 7: Intro


Which should tell you how my morning was going. (I live on the West Coast, back off.) I mean, on one side, I would love to sit here and enjoy the Vikings’ misery as a Bears fan, but I couldn’t, because Kirk Cousins ​​wasn’t getting fancy points. But of course he did it at the end of the contest. I ended up having a great day. And also claimed to be this year’s version of Jameis Winston. Well, at least a discounted version. The kind you find in the back of the Ralph supermarket on a special manager. Because Cousins ​​has six touchdowns this season to go with six interceptions this season and he has some serious work to do to reach the club exclusive 30-30. But I’m not going to count it yet.

This leads to a few points that I must make here. For starters, the quarterback’s scoring is stupid. And we need to stop rewarding performances like this. A 6: 4 TD: INT ratio wouldn’t have changed much yesterday. Maybe rewarding a quarter of the points for the win would be pretty cool. But it appears to be an off-season project.

In the short term, I would just like to stop broadcasting Cousins. I know it worked for me, but it wasn’t much fun. So if you ever see me pleading for Cousins ​​to start over in this space, please hit me up on social media to stop me. And that goes double for the big editing team that does the heavy lifting. Please stop me if I start over.

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