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With cases increasing in London, ministers believe the city may need to be moved to Level 3 restrictions as soon as possible. Medical experts are also urging Prime Minister Boris Johnson to impose a full national lockdown before and after Christmas, in order to ‘help control the virus – while still allowing families to reunite during the holiday season. Sources close to Sadiq Khan expect London to be placed in rank 3 soon, while the mayor of London himself has called on the government to act now before it is too late.

According to the latest data from the London Assembly, between October 17 and October 23, the city’s case rate per 100,000 people was 151.The week before, it was 111, while there are now more than 90,000 reported cases in the capital.

As of October 27, hospitalizations had also dropped from 555 to 792, prompting the mayor’s office to demand swift action before it was too late.

A spokesperson for the mayor said: “We know that when it comes to this virus, it is best to act early and decisively, both for public health, but also for the economy.

London news: capital threatened with lockdown (Image: PA)

London: nation could also face lockdown (Image: PA)

“The longer we delay the implementation of measures, the stricter they have to be and the longer they have to be in place.

“The mayor is clear that with the increase in cases, hospitalizations and deaths across the country since August, the government should have listened to SAGE’s advice and introduced a circuit breaker.

“The inability to provide a purpose-fit test and traceability system or adequate financial support for workers has led to the need for these more stringent restrictions.

“Ministers must act before it is too late and the country is plunged into a deeper health crisis requiring a longer lockdown.

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London news: capital could be locked out (Image: GETTY / PA)

“It would be the worst possible outcome for both public health and our economy.”

The national R rate, the number of secondary infections, is now between 1.1 and 1.3 according to government statistics.

However, challenging the government’s own R rate, the REACT study conducted by Imperial College London and Ipsos Mori claimed the infection rate could reach two in London.

Currently, Greater Manchester, Cheshire, Lancashire and the Liverpool City area are subject to level 3 restrictions.


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London news: the capital could soon be placed in Tier 3 (Image: GETTY)

London News: Sadiq Khan (Image: GETTY)

Nottinghamshire, Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield will also move to the highest level of restrictions from October 30.

If the rest of the country is subject to level 3 restrictions, pubs, bars and venues will be forced to close.

People wouldn’t be able to meet anyone outside of their home or their social bubble inside.

A rule of six would also apply externally, although you won’t be able to meet anyone outside of your support bubble at most outside venues.

A senior official told the Daily Telegraph: “The data is extremely concerning – the virus is on the rise everywhere.

“If we continue with the significantly greater than one ‘R’ rate across the country, what is happening is very clear.

“More and more NHS hospitals are filling up, more people are being asked to self-isolate and the virus continues to spread.

London News: This lock could be enforced before Christmas (Image: GETTY)

“And at the end of the day, it’s a really bad place for us. Something must change. ”

According to MailOnline, government ministers are now discussing whether to place other regions of the country under level 3 restrictions nationwide.

Science advisers are now saying a nationwide lockdown is needed as most parts of England will likely be at least level 3 next month anyway.


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