New Zealand has put its faith in the Labor Party: now the party must deliver | Claire Robinson | World news


The New Zealand Labor Party led by Jacinda Ardern won its biggest electoral victory since 1946, winning 49.1% of the party’s vote and 64 seats in parliament. While the result is, in fact, a little changing election in the sense that the next government will still be led by Ardern, Labor’s victory is one for the history books. It is not since the introduction of New Zealand’s mixed proportional representation (MMP) electoral system that Labor has not been given a mandate to govern alone.For former Labor coalition partner New Zealand First, the result has been a disaster. It appears that voters in small parties were no longer drawn to New Zealand First’s promises to be a drag on change, instead preferring to vote ACT and the Greens, two parties with strong ideas on how to deal with it. the issues facing New Zealand in the immediate future: rising house prices, income and social inequalities, climate change and post-Covid economic recovery.


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