New York schools: COVID tests delayed in New York’s yellow zones


NEW YORK CITY (WABC) – Mandatory COVID-19 testing for staff and students at New York’s yellow zone schools was scheduled to begin on Friday. But Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza said the city was still in the process of ” final stages’ of developing details.The required weekly tests were ordered for the city’s yellow “buffer” zones by Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Cuomo said Thursday that the state is sending hundreds of thousands of rapid test kits to schools in the city to complete those tests.

“Some local governments have said they don’t have enough tests to do this,” Cuomo said. “I said if you need anything just tell me and we’ll get it to you. We are going to give New York 200,000 test kits so they can test in schools in the yellow zones. ”

The governor has previously criticized the lack of testing in schools, saying the testing acts as an important early warning system for the virus spread.

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Carranza said the new round of testing in the yellow zone is expected to begin next week.

“As a city, we had already designated random tests for a subset of our schools each week,” he said. “It started last week and will continue this week. But for the schools in the yellow zone, it will be a weekly test and we are in the last stages of collaboration with the State. ”

We expected to hear more details from the chancellor later on Friday morning as he testified in a city council watchdog hearing on the reopening of schools.

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Rules in the red zone:

-Worship houses – 25% capacity, 10 people maximum
-Mass gatherings prohibited
-Non-essential businesses closed
-Take-out dinner only
-Schools closed

Rules in the orange zone:

– Houses of worship – 33% capacity, 25 people maximum
-Mass gatherings – 10 people maximum, indoor and outdoor
– Businesses – Closure of high risk non-essential businesses such as gyms and personal care
-Dinner in the open air only with 4 people maximum per table
– Schools: distance learning only

Rules in the yellow zone

-Houses of worship -50% capacity
-Mass gatherings – 25 people maximum, indoor and outdoor
-Open businesses
-Dinner inside and outside
-Schools – Compulsory weekly student / teacher / staff test for in-person lessons. Testing will begin next week.

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