Netflix working on Vince McMahon documentary with WWE


Muscle and fitness

If you’ve even had a summer fling with pro wrestling, you know WWE CEO and President Vince McMahon is crazy on many levels. This madness will soon be documented in a multi-part biographical series on Netflix.

WWE made the announcement during its third quarter earnings call with investors on Wednesday, the Wrestling Observer reports. It will be produced by WWE and Bill Simmons, who also worked on HBO’s 2018 documentary about Andre The Giant. Chris Smith, who directed Netflix’s Fyre Festival documentary, will lead the project.

McMahon is known around the world for many reasons. It has been played on WWE TV, on and off, for more than two decades, most notably during a late ’90s feud with Stone Cold Steve Austin. It’s also a rags-to-rich story, growing up in a North Carolina trailer with an abusive stepfather and now worth $ 1.6 billion.

In wrestling circles however, McMahon is a more enigmatic and idiosyncratic figure. Notorious workaholic, he posed on the cover of Muscle and Fitness at age 70. Many former employees have noticed how upset he is after sneezing, on the grounds that he should be able to control the physical impulse to sneeze. Other famous stories include the time he ran and nearly killed a member of the WWE writing team, the time he had a bogus announcer arrested as a prank, and the time he tried farting in someone’s face but accidentally got dirty – moments before heading to the ring for a live TV segment, where the crew had to film around his back.

Then yes. The documentary should be interesting. There is no word on its release date yet.


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