Netflix to offer free two-day membership to nationwide India as it searches for new ways to encourage signups


Netflix will give two days of free subscriptions to everyone in India as it experiments with new ways to encourage people to sign up.

The promotion comes after stopping offering free trial periods and instead committed to trying a number of different ways to find new subscribers.

The offer will be part of a ‘StreamFest’ event which will only be available in India for now, although it is not clear whether the same or similar promotions will be launched elsewhere.

The goal is for the two-day offer to be something that “could really create an event,” according to Greg Peters, CEO of Netflix. Mr. Peters announced the change during the company’s earnings call.

“And so an idea we’re passionate about and we’ll see how that goes, but we think giving everyone in a country free access to Netflix for a weekend could be a great way to expose a group of news. people with the amazing stories we have, the service, the way the service works, is really creating an event and hopefully getting a bunch of these people to sign up, ”Peters said in response to questions on why the company ended free trials.

“So we’re going to try this in India and see how it goes. And that’s just one example of the kind of innovation we’re looking to do in this space.

Mr Peters also gave more information on the company’s decision to stop offering free trials in the United States. While he did not explain why exactly the decision was made, he said it came after “constantly evaluating, testing and trying to understand what works, what works best, how can we improve ourselves ”, and that it had“ changed those tactics ”. in response to testing.

The Free Weekend is just one of many different strategies that Netflix has tried to keep new subscribers coming to the service, as it tries to find ways to continue its recent rapid growth.

These have also included removing some shows from behind its paywall, offering the first few episodes of shows like Stranger Things and movies like Bird Box for free, then asking customers to sign up if they want to see any. more.


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