Mrs Brown’s boys ‘in crisis’ after two stars leave amid wage dispute


Ms Brown’s boys could be in crisis after two of her top stars quit amid a pay dispute. Damien McKiernan and Gary Hollywood, who play boyfriends Dino and Rory, have quit the popular BBC show, according to the Daily Star.

The couple complained about their pay after it emerged that they were receiving less money than some of the other stars on the show.

Gary later learned that he would have a reduced role on Mrs Brown’s Boys’ party special, which caused him to quit the show altogether.

Damien was also informed that he was “excluded” from the program.

A source told the Daily Star: “Gary and Damien were confused and hurt when they realized they were paid less than others. When they raised the issue, it did not go very well.

“Gary learned later that he would only appear in one of this year’s Christmas specials. It was the last straw, so he told them he was going to stop. ”

The insider added that his co-stars, such as Jennifer Gibney, had tried to convince him to stay but his decision was “made”.

They continued, “It was even worse news for Damien.

Damien McKiernan and Gary Hollywood are now longer in the series, reports show

“We just told him it was written. They are both heartbroken that things have turned out this way. Work on two festive episodes has already started without the pair. ”

This comes just after other claims that the atmosphere behind the scenes is “sometimes toxic”.

Meanwhile, her live show in the UK has been canceled amid the coronavirus pandemic, meaning her cast missed a big paycheck.

The BBC and the production company of Mrs Brown’s Boys did not respond to the Daily Star’s request for comment.


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