Mortified woman proudly posts a snapshot release … then realizes something VERY rude is going on


A WOMAN who proudly posted a pic from her outing outfit was left mortified after realizing it looked like something much grosser.

Connie White from Falkirk, Stirlingshire, had posted the snap of herself posing in front of a mirror on her 22nd birthday on Sunday.


Connie White posted this snap from her 22nd birthday, but pals were quick to point out the rather phallic shape in the mirror reflectionCredit: Deadline News

However, social media users quickly spotted a hilarious phallic reflection in the photo, forcing the mortified Connie to immediately delete the snap.

Photo shows birthday girl Connie posing in a strappy red outfit in front of a large mirror.

Between her legs is a long, flesh-colored shape sticking out from under her dress.

Connie has since explained that the object was actually a reflection thrown from the back of her leg, but not before social media users pointed out the hilarious resemblance.

The reflection in Connie’s leg looked like something much grosserCredit: Deadline News
Red-faced Connie immediately deleted the snap


Red-faced Connie immediately deleted the snap Credit: Connie White / Instagram

Despite exchanging her photo, Connie quickly saw the funny side and took to Twitter to share the original, saying, “I can’t believe I posted this on Instagram and someone has commented on what it looked like a *** ad between my legs. ”

Connie’s post, which has since been liked more than 23,000 times, has put social media users in trouble.

One wrote: “I spotted it now after about a minute of searching. Yeah they’re right, it looks like a big one, okay.

She then posted the image to Twitter where it went viral with social media users left behind.4
She then posted the image to Twitter where it went viral with social media users left behind.Credit: Connie White / Instagram

“An absolute belter to that,” added another, while a third wrote, “Christ no, ultimate photobomb. ”

Another commented: “I haven’t seen it before, but now I can’t stop seeing it. “

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