More humanitarian aid delivered to Armenia thanks to communities in France and Germany – Public Radio of Armenia


A new shipment of humanitarian aid has arrived in Armenia thanks to the French and German affiliates of the Hayastan All Armenian Fund and the dedication of the Armenian diaspora.

Humanitarian aid, weighing 25 tons, consists mainly of drugs and medical supplies.

This humanitarian effort by the Armenian communities in France and Germany is another example of the continued support of the diaspora to the homeland in this time of need.

It’s the 3rd such an expedition organized by the Hayastan All Armenian Fund. Previously, two special flights were coordinated by Armenia Fund Inc, the Fund’s partner organization in the United States, providing more than 150 tonnes of humanitarian aid.

Additionally, Armenian-American doctors have arrived in Armenia to support their counterparts and alleviate some of the burden currently on the healthcare system.

Hundreds of thousands of Armenians around the world continue to make a difference and donate to the Hayastan All Armenian Fund at

To date, over $ 140,000,000 has been raised.


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