Mookie Betts Starts World Series Rally For Dodgers, Wins Free Tacos For America With Stolen Base


Heading into Tuesday’s opening game of the World Series between the Rays and the Dodgers (TB-LAD GameTracker), America has watched impatiently in large measure due to a lasting love for the sport. They also watched because of the tacos opportunity – healthy, restorative and free.

While this is decidedly not the era of the stolen base, Mookie Betts, the Dodgers haste hunter, was here again for those with nowhere to go:

Betts stole second base in the fifth inning, and that ensured that everywhere in this beautiful land there will be a taco in every pot. It should be noted that Betts also stole third place shortly thereafter and Corey Seager stole second place on a double steal. It was the first time a team had stolen three bases in a World Series round since 1912.

In keeping with the trend, Betts wrote another heady bit of base running to score from third on a grounder to first:

Betts, who took a slower trip around the bases later in the game with a sixth inning homer, also won free USA tacos in 2018 as a member of the Red Sox and did so at the expense. of the Dodgers. Blessed Art Mookie Betts, The Double Baseball Tacos Chess Board.


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