Monster Hunter: Why Milla Jovovich’s Character Comes From Our World


Monster Hunter director Paul WS Anderson explained why the protagonist of his latest video game film adaptation is a human from our world rather than a native of the gaming kingdom during a panel at New York Comic Con on Saturday. . (Be sure to check out the full New York Comic Con panel schedule for more details.) Anderson’s explanation also shed light on the reasons his wife and main wife, Milla Jovovich, agreed to star in another video game movie after his long stint as the anchor of the Resident Evil movie franchise. “I wanted to get back the feeling of when I first played the video game. I came to the game without knowing anything about it. And as a foreigner, I was immersed in this world containing these incredible landscapes and these incredible creatures that would give me a kick. ass, ”Anderson said. “And I was like, ‘I want this. This should also be the experience of the film. “”This approach necessitated the creation of a protagonist who was an alien, which led to the creation of Jovovich’s character, Captain Natalie Artemis, a military officer whose elite unit finds itself transported to the hostile realm and Nameless Monster Hunter where there are so many horrible ways to die. thanks to the local fauna, ahem.Anderson called Artemis “a very, very different character to her. She’s never played a character like this before. He explained that, as Artemis, “Milla is the avatar of the audience. She is the novice entering this world. She is the person of our world. Then there is nothing in the world of Monster Hunter entering for the first time. ”

The director continued, “What’s good for gamers is that it recreates your first experience when you first played Monster Hunter. But what’s also good is that it doesn’t exclude anyone because if you don’t know anything about the game, it’s the character who says, “Oh my God, what are these creatures? What is this world? How it works? “”

Monster Hunter stars Milla Jovovich as Captain Natalie Artemis, an original character outside of the Capcom games, and Tony Jaa as the hunter.

During the film, Artemis meets Tony Jaa’s hunter and Ron Perlman’s admiral, both characters from Monster Hunter World. Anderson says these characters end up teaching Artemis how to survive in this strange new world. Artemis, as Anderson put it, might be “a fierce warrior in our world, but the skill she acquired as a US Army Ranger, which is badass in our world, those skills don’t. Not mean too much when you fight those 50 -foot big monsters. ”

Anderson also pointed out that the military weaponry used by Artemis and her team could have been impressive on Earth, but such firepower “doesn’t work very well against a Rathalos and Diablos. So she has to learn a new way of fighting and she has to learn to cooperate. And I think one of the main themes of the video game that I really liked was Cooperation Is Key. You have to fight with other people, you have to cooperate with other people to bring down these great creatures. ”

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Cooperation among diverse peoples is also the theme of the Monster Hunter film, which Anderson found to be “a good message to our world right now.” We live in such a confrontational world where people close their borders and close their minds having a movie that in the funniest way possible basically tells you that people from different cultures, different backgrounds, have to cooperate for the greater good. For me, this is a good message for our time. ”

Monster Hunter opens on December 30, recently pushed back from an April 2021 date.

While waiting for Monster Hunter, check out Jovovich using her Slinger, an iconic weapon from the game that she showed off on Twitter in response to fans’ reactions to the film. After that, take a look at IGN’s list of the 12 Monster Hunter movie details that we have already discovered.


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